Once apon a time way back in 1993, there was a young taxi driver who grew bored with his work. He didn’t like Talk Radio at all. He wasn’t really pleased with what the radio had to offer in general. But since the radio in his Taxi didn’t have even so much as a cassette player, he felt kind of stuck. He began to wish for something that would make his job more interesting.

He headed off to the nearest Circuit City where he asked for a new stereo to replace the one that was in his Taxi. When he got it installed, he became happy again for a couple of years. That is, until he realized that to carry enough cassettes to keep him happy, he’d have to keep a suitcase in the front seat with him! Finally, he decided to go back to Circuit City where he got a newer, better stereo. This time with a CD Player!

This satisfied the young Taxi Driver for a while. Then came the craze known to those who know & love it as Boom Time. He found that he liked sitting in people’s cars who had upgraded the speakers in their cars. More money was spent. Speakers were installed. The first amplifier & subwoofer was installed. And we went Boomin along.

Around 1997, an old friend of the young Taxi Driver named Smitty retired and gave his cab to the the young man. This thing was huge! it wasn’t anything like the cars he’d been driving. It was a full size van with a high roof and a wheelchair lift in the back of the van. It was a big @ss boat on wheels. It was The Land Yacht!

This lead to the young man wondering what he could do with all of that space now that he didn’t have to squeeze his speakers and amplifiers into the trunk of a car. More money was spent. More equipment was purchased & installed.

Then came the first computer installation in his Taxi. It was an ugly thing. An old computer from his home, with an old CRT monitor. The computer tied down on an old cushion. The monitor was strapped to the dash of the van with bungee cords.

But, man was it FUN!

Now the young man could bring along all the MP3 files he had been collecting over all of this time. And time went on. No more box full of CD’s, he had thousands of songs to listen to, he would never have to hear the same songs again!

Then he stumbled across a music video given to him by a friend.  He’d been into Music Videos from the early days of MTV, but never thought of using it this way!  He wondered what the reaction of his passengers would be to seeing music videos playin on a screen right there in the Taxi as they rode to & from the bars and clubs where they went to party. It was a huge hit! He went on the internet. He bought dvd’s full. He started transferring his old recordings taken off of MTv! Of course, then MTv stopped playing music!

Before you know it, the young man had a large collection of music videos which seemed to grow with every passing day.

Then came the day when the young man saw his first LCD screen in the local Circuit City. He fell in love. He just had to have one. So he got it! Over time, the technology improved, leading to more and greater things where the computer and monitors were concerned.

The time came for The Land Yacht to retire. To be replaced by another. And yet another! Now The Land Yacht was finally coming into its own! A vehicle that was deliberately huge for no reason other than because the young Taxi Driver wanted it that way. He wanted the Rock! He wanted the Boom! He wanted Bright Lights & Big Sound!

And since he was his own boss, he could have it his way!

And the saga continues….