Many years ago, when The Land Yacht was still fresh and new, I arrived on a standard dispatched trip to pick-up a fare at The Mansion on Judges Hill.

When I pulled up, I got my first look at my passengers.  It was an elderly couple, looking to be in their 70’s or 80’s.  They got in & asked to be taken downtown to the Four Seasons Hotel.

So, down MLK I went & turned down San Jacinto Blvd.  Got a little bit of conversation in to get a feel for the mood of the couple & then…

As I turned onto San Jacinto, I put on a favorite video of mine (and one that’s now in my top 25 favorites because of what happened next).  Natalie Cole doing her famous posthumous duet with her father, Nat King Cole to his old song, Unforgettable.

We were breezing through the light at 15th Street when the elderly gentleman leaned up & politely asked me to pull the van over & stop.  What happened next was a tear-jerker of a moment if I’ve ever seen one.

In the middle of afternoon rush hour traffic, this old man stepped out of the van, “handed” his wife out as well…where the proceeded to dance on the side of the road to the beautiful strains of Unforgettable.