This story starts about a dozen or so years ago.

A regular customer of mine, whose identity I’ll limit to his nickname “Daddy-O” had a little 8 year old girl. He & his wife decided that for Little Rachel’s 9th Birthday Party, they’d hire me & The Land Yacht for a few hours so Little Rachel & her friends could roll around & party like a rock-star.

So, the evening rolls around and I roll up to Daddy-O’s house to start the party. Out troops Little Rachel & her friends. I thought it odd that each of them had a package of toilet paper under each arm. Behind the girls came “Mrs Daddy-O” with her handy-dandy camera. Cool, I thought, blackmail material!

Now, I’m sure many of you can guess what we did for the next three hours, but here’s a little back-story Momma told me. Apparently, there is a “tradition” among kids this age. If a little girl has a crush on a little boy, or vise-versa, at some point that person’s house & yard get papered. It turns out that it’s almost a point of pride for these kids to go to school the next day & say “Somebody papered my house last night”.

On to the story. We did what we did for three hours, hitting as many targets as there were little girls in the van (and the four passenger limit was MUCH less stringent back then). We rock&rolled around the neighborhood having a grand old time until it was time to start droppin’ each of the girls off at their homes.

As I rolled up to one of the houses to drop a girl off, I heard a squeal from the backseat. I looked up into her front yard to see “Dad” picking paper out of the yard & off the bushes & trees. That’s right, this girl had been “papered” while we were out doing the deed ourselves.

You’d think that’s where the story ends…and it does…for years.

A couple of years ago, I was sitting at a corner on 6th Street just waiting for a random passenger to climb in for a ride. The door opens & four beautiful young ladies troop into the cab, apparently Sorority Girls. One of them leans up between the seats and says “Scott, do you remember me?”

I turned around, and to my shock I was looking at Little Rachel. Except she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She’d grown into a beautiful young lady.

The thing that makes this one of my favorite memories is that, I hadn’t seen or heard from this girl in a decade. The last time she’d seen me, she was still in pigtails! Yet she remembers The Land Yacht. She remembers me. Hell, she even remembers my name! This is part of the reason I love what I do. It was that day that I realized that what I do isn’t just about having fun on any given night, I’m creating memories for many of these people to treasure for years to come.