So last night, I’m called by a regular customer of mine, a house-full of cute sorority girls that live west of downtown.

I’ve had the “No more than four” conversation with them before, and remember there being a big to-do about it the first time they rode with me.

Last night, after being called to their house, I show up & they come out & start getting in when I hear one of them say “I hope you’re not mad, but we have five people, my boyfriend Ken’s coming with us”.

I say “I’m not mad”, and go into my spiel about the law limiting the number of passengers allowed in a taxi in Austin when I happen to glance back. She’s holding up her purse, and in the top of her purse is a Ken Doll. She grins at me. “Gotcha!” she sez.

I told ’em I was gonna blog about this.

Let the prank-wars begin!


So, The Bonnie Girls gave me a hard time for referring to them as Sorority Girls.
“We’re all, like, grown up and stuff. So, like, whatever!”
But they baked me cookies, so it’s all good!